Which is Worse?

I could come down on either side of this discussion with equal ease. Which endangers our Republic more, those who shout and will not be silent, or those who are silent and will not speak? If Edmund Burke is correct, when good men remain silent, evil triumphs by default. Perhaps we are beginning to see that reality come o pass in America. When the streets are filled with demonstrators, or halls of government are packed with protestors, it seems that invariably it is the angry, the bitter, and the hateful who occupy their ranks.

I will not stoop to reduce the rights of those with whom I disagree, but I cannot remain silent in the face of unbridled evil. I still remember the first line we had to learn to type in 9th grade. Over and over and over again we drilled it every day. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” Truer today than it ever has been before.

What good thing can you think of to say today about the nation? What kindness can you speak to someone who really needs it? What positive change can you promote within your circle of influence? If all the people who are able to answer those questions would just act on those answers, this world would be a different sort of place very soon.

Will you continue to exemplify Simon and Garfunkel with your ” Sounds of Silence”  or will you be a Le Greenwood who is “Proud to stand up” next to your neighbor and cry out for liberty, freedom, and all that is good about the blessed land?

2 thoughts on “Which is Worse?

  1. Rioting is never justified. Let’s agree on that. My question to you is, “When do you speak out against evil?” When the riots begin or when another man is killed for running while black? As white people, you and I don’t speak out until property is damaged and fires are set. In the meantime the precipitating evil of racism lives on.


    • The tragedy of Freddy Gray may point out the existence of unprofessional behavior among one or more members of the Baltimore Police Department. If we are to give full benefit of obtaining evidence to citizens, which I am not sure we have heard whether Mr. Gray got that or not in his arrest, then logically we should give that same latitude to other suspects, including the police officers. Admittedly what has been shown and said about the incident looks like something very bad may have happened in this case. I am concerned about racism being the controlling factor in the arrest of a citizen and I therefore have to also consider whether racism was at work in the prosecutor who appeared (in my opinion) to be less than objective in her announcement of charges against the officers. One thing I know for sure. News reports and accompanying commentary are not evidence. Our system of justice may not be perfect, but it works far better when allowed to take its course without undue pressure from outraged citizens (on either side).

      Regarding your comment that “we as whites do not speak out…,” I must take exception to your generalization of all whites remaining silent until property is damaged. There are some of us who have worked for years to build positive relationship across racial lines through churches and other social structures.

      In addition, I reject the premise that institutional racism is either the cause of the situation in Baltimore, or of deteriorating race relations in America. Our nation is not being destroyed by powerful whites who want to subjugate minorities. Our Republic is being systematically disassembled by entrenched political professionals who are using race (and other surface delineators) to divide and conquer everyone for the sole purpose of increasing their totalitarian hold on power. I am personally offended that conservatives are often branded as the culprit in the ongoing war on liberty. If Baltimore teaches us anything, it should teach us that unrestrained control by progressive democrats (which Baltimore has had for decades) leads to economic frailty, racial segregation, and general social decay. What most needs to be changed in America is the deafening silence about the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, not some perceived silence about non existent pervasive racism.


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