Do Black Lives Really Matter

A twenty five year old black man was gunned down in the streets last Saturday. He had committed no crime, and was only there because he was at work. I have seen no protests. I have heard no outrage from Al Sharpton. I have seen no marchers yelling “black lives matter” or “no justice no peace.” Why is that? I thought we were all supposed to care that young black men are being gunned down senselessly. Liquori Tate was young, he was black, and this was a police involved shooting. The reason no one is protesting is that Tate was the officer, and his assailant was also black. If the shooter had been white, I am sure there would have been more said about this case. Tate and fellow officer Benjamin Deen were gunned down during a routine traffic stop. Two families are in mourning, a community is shattered. Adding to the tragedy is the fact that four suspects are now in custody and all of their families are now tragically shattered as well. If black lives really mattered to anyone except the race pimping politicians and media who capitalize on tragedy for their own gain, then this nation would be up in arms over the tragic loss of life in this and so many other cases where dedicated men and women are senselessly slaughtered simply because they went to work trying to help their communities.

If ALL black lives mattered, then the hundreds of young black men slaughtered in the streets of our cities by other young black men would make headlines, but they don’t. If ALL black lives mattered, then the fact that abortion kills innocent black babies at a rate far above that of whites would make headlines, but it doesn’t. If ALL black lives mattered, then the skyrocketing out of wedlock birth rate decimating black communities and dooming young blacks to a lifetime of poverty and welfare would be a national outrage but it isn’t.

When will our nation’s heart be broken over ALL lives lost to senseless violence and a dead end poverty train caused by unfeeling bureaucrats who only propose solutions that perpetuate the tragedy and never solve anything? When will we wake up and realize that we have exchanged truth for a lie and traded hope for despair on the basis of a damnable lie perpetuated by selfish politicians whose only goal is their own enrichment and power?

Oh God please forgive our forsaking of Your Holiness and our selfish sacrifice of human lives on the alter of political expediency.

How can we hope to survive as a nation when we are committing the ultimate national sin of human sacrifice daily. We are shedding innocent blood for financial and political gain every day in this country. In every abortion clinic, on every street corner where innocent citizens are gunned down, God’s most precious gift of life flows into the gutters and trash heaps. If this nation does not soon repent of our wickedness in not only allowing but actually profiting from this useless slaughter, we will go the way of other nations who have done the same. We are no better than they to survive with innocent blood on our hands.

May God have mercy on us.

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