GOP Debate Watching Hint

The list of candidates was announced by Fox Business Channel this morning. There will be 8 on stage, down from 12. Expect to hear questions about the national debt and the budget. Expect also to hear very little new information about how to meet those challenges. DO NOT expect to hear the questions about taxing authority I proposed in a recent Facebook post:

  1. If it is necessary for the Federal government to tax individual and business incomes under our Constitution, why did it take an amendment to the Constitution to allow the practice to begin? And as a follow up, do you know what amendment allows that taxation and when it was passed?
  2. How was the government funded between 1789 and the passage of the income tax amendment?

For a look at the full text of a test candidates should be required to pass in order to merit being on a debate state, as well as other proposed questions, look at this link: TEST FOR ALL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES

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