Article V – Convention of the States

via Article V Library.

A man approached me at the polls on election day representing a group calling for an Article V Convention of the states to recommend amendments to the US Constitution. I had always considered this an untenable proposition, until I went to the record of how many state legislatures have actually voted to do just that in the past 100 years or so. By my count, 28 states have voted to convene a convention to propose repeal of the sixteenth amendment (Federal income tax). All but 12 of those were later repealed, but still the idea of eliminating the IRS might not be a far fetched as some think.

Unbelievably, six states have actually voted to call a convention to propose US participation in a “world federal government” in which the UN would be granted authority over our nation. Three of those have been repealed, but still, if you don’t believe we could lose our liberties… six states have at one time been willing to sell us out to the UN already.

There is no doubt that we are living in a critical time. The rise of anarchy (from the left) and the increased disenfranchisement of voters (from the right) leave the nation vulnerable from all sides. There is hope, but only if Americans wake up to the real power of the Constitution. It is still in effect. Maybe it is time to call that convention and start issuing demands to the Federal government instead of just continuing to take orders from them. Your thoughts?

One thought on “Article V – Convention of the States

  1. We are living in perilous times and I’m thankful that normal everyday people are finally speaking out against the insanity. It is difficult to believe that so many people in leadership roles who actually went to law school ad studied the constitution are the same people who are constantly ignoring it to satisfy their own self centered desires. These same people don’t believe the Word of God either. If they did there would be a lot less lying and cheating in the world. It’s funny how the majority of people believe in the Word of God and the constitution but we can’t be heard over the protestors on every corner screaming and yelling about their rights. I pray those of us that love and follow the Lord will pray more and ask the Lord for boldness to speak the truth.


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