Pyramid Scheme Anew

Google the phrase “what were pyramids used for” or anything close to it and you will get multiple hits of “Ben Carson” connected stories. It appears that the GOP candidate’s claim that the pyramids of Egypt were built by Joseph to store grain has caused alarms to go off all across the cosmos.

Let me declare here and now, I don’t think the pyramids that are known to be tombs were in fact silos. If that is what the good doctor believes, he is mistaken. Egyptian and archaeological evidence suggests the most notable pyramids were constructed before the time of Joseph. The matter of timing is debatable, but that is not my primary point here.

For the moment let us grant that the Carson critics are correct, and he is 100% wrong about the pyramids. The furor over this issue should indicate a massive concern for scientific accuracy from all political candidates and leaders. After all we would not want America to be led by someone who held unsubstantiated scientific beliefs.

For example, we would not want a President (or candidate) who claimed that American coastal cities would be inundated by sea level rise caused by melting polar ice caps within 50 years (Al Gore 2000) if there were not “scientific evidence” that this was happening or could happen. If global temperature records showed that mean temperatures were not increasing, and that polar ice caps were getting bigger, not smaller, there would be a great outcry for correction of that “weird”  claim. If a political leader demanded legislation banning coal production because of its detrimental health effects on American lives, surely the press would ask them about the facts that show cleaner air, longer lives, and decreasing health maladies related to coal production and use.

Since scientific accuracy is so very important, claims of impending doom that demand would be examined in the full light of investigative journalism, wouldn’t they? Apparently not. Every claim made by environmental activists has been shown to be scientifically wrong. The ice caps are not melting, the planet is not warming, and American industry is not deliberately destroying the universe. I spite of that, there continues to be deafening silence about this in the mainstream media, and candidates who tout more legislative remedies for human caused climate change are lauded as compassionate rather than being examined for accuracy.

Then again, the media cannot be expected to chase down every claim of scientific error spouted by politically motivated bureaucrats. They have a lot of important work to do. After all, the world is obviously more threatened by Ben Carson’s belief about the pyramids than by President Obama’s executive assault on American energy. How can anyone have time to investigate Hillary Clinton’s claim that she never passed classified information on deliberately deleted emails when so much time is needed to clarify Ben Carson’s historical accuracy about Egyptian grain storage?

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