Are we in a religious war?

No matter what we may chose to believe about the ongoing slaughter of innocent lives by ISIS terrorists, the fact that we are witnessing religiously motivated attacks is incontrovertible. The cruelest of the evidence of this fact is that in addition to burning Christian churches, and beheading captives who refuse to renounce their Christian faith; ISIS is increasingly resorting to crucifixion as a means of inflicting tortuous death on its victims. The significance of this practice is obvious. The Koran does not prescribe crucifixion, but beheading as the means of killing infidels. Why would virulent adherents to Shariah law deliberately do something totally outside their own code? The only plausible answer is that they wish to inflict upon Christians the method of death that our Lord endured as a way of mocking His power to deliver us. This is not a new idea. The Roman Emperor Nero did the same thing.

What the darkened hearts and blinded minds of these self proclaimed inquisitors fails to recognize is that by killing believers (no matter the method) they do not end their lives but release them into eternal peace and glory. How ironic and yet sad that these poor ignorant fools cannot see that in striving for heaven by their perverted religious fervor, they with one action assure to their victims the heaven they desire for themselves, and simultaneously add to their own eventual eternal torment.

My heart aches for my brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered so cruelly while the leader of the most powerful nation on earth still refuses to acknowledge the true nature of the war that has been declared not just on Christians, but all of civilization itself. President Obama says that hundreds of dead and injured in Paris is a “setback.” The words Islamic terrorist or radical Islam still cannot be forced across his lips.

Just as the torture by terrorists cannot overcome God’s eternal Power and salvation, President Obama’s refusal to admit the obvious does not change reality. The world is at war. Only a world resolute on the complete destruction of the enemy can effectively deal with that reality.

One thought on “Are we in a religious war?

  1. We are reminded on a daily basis that the world hates God, His Word and Christians. As I read Phil’s blog it reminded me of how Satan, the father of lies, deceives people into thinking they are honoring their God by killing others. ISIS is a counterfeit group of Muslims. Jesus is love, light and hope to a sin cursed world.

    It’s hard to be reminded that our brothers and sisters in Christ are being tortured, crucified and beheaded because they serve the true and living God. Their time of misery will be short compared to ISIS who, unless they turn to Jesus for forgiveness of their sins, will spend an eternity without hope.

    Many of God’s people are praying for America. We’ve been through some really rough times since 9/11. The Bible says “in the world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world.”

    Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He will reign forever and ever unlike Presidents and worldly kings. They all will die one day and stand before the Lord to give an account. Their press secretary and the liberal media won’t be there to “spin the narrative.” Those days will be gone forever. They will have to respond to questions from the King of Kings. God have mercy. There is still hope for them to be saved now and repent of their sins. But the answer remains…. will they accept Christ or will they continue in their pride.

    God is Love

    Linda Whitaker


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