Republican donors, operative fueling new anti-Trump ad blitz | Fox News

via Republican donors, operative fueling new anti-Trump ad blitz | Fox News.

This article reveals a great deal about what is wrong with American politics today and why two thirds of the voters say they do not trust either political party. Republicans are getting behind an effort, not to promote a candidate from their party, but to “destroy” one. Regardless of which candidate one may support in the upcoming comedy of errors known as the GOP Primary race, spending millions of donor dollars to harm another candidate’s reputation and impugn their character is wrong regardless of its origin. For a party to openly advertise that their main strategy for victory is destroying (that is their word, not mine) another candidate is a tactic straight out of the Progressive playbook that got our current President elected twice and is now working to further the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Does the Republican Party want to be known as a party of political intrigue and character assassination or as a party of ideas? This question is no longer avoidable, and I intend to ask it of any politician I run across over the coming months.

Also of note is the fact that at the nexus of this latest salvo against Mr. Trump is John Kasich of Ohio. Here is real wisdom from the Republican establishment. Let’s get behind an effort by a guy poling 1% to take down the guy poling almost 40% in a field of 11 candidates. If this sounds logical to you, my advice is to be on the lookout for a cat with a broad smile and a rabbit who is in a big hurry.

2 thoughts on “Republican donors, operative fueling new anti-Trump ad blitz | Fox News

  1. It’s not enough that the liberal media and the Democrats want to destroy the character of republican candidates let’s add other Republicans to the list. It’s shameful! The GOP candidates running for President should be discussing the issues and also offering ideas on what can be done to turn this nation around after 6 years of President Obama’s lack of leadership. If they keep this up we’ll be looking at another 4 years of a liberal administration. None of us want that!!!


  2. Well said my dear. If political actions like this were the result of ineptitude that would be very said. The fact that it is intentional and premeditated in order to further political goals of Republicans that bear little distinction from those of Progressive Democrats is absolutely maddening. It reveals the painful truth that Progressive philosophy is not limited to one party.


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