Why Robert Lewis Dear was NOT Pro-Life


The murders of three people and injury of nine others in Colorado Springs will be used to impugn the pro-life movement. Every truly pro-life American should stand up immediately and disavow any association between this murderous fanatic and efforts to protect the lives of unborn children.

Most obvious among the reasons why the suspect should not be labeled pro-life is that he selfishly, and wantonly ended the lives of three innocent people, and sought to end nine others. He was motivated by his desire to validate his own agenda. That is not pro-life.

The suspect lived the life of a loner, and refused to have meaningful relationships with his family, his neighbors, or others in the community. That is not pro-life.

The suspect displayed a life motivated by fear, and threatened violence toward anyone who approached him or disagreed with his views. That is not pro-life.

Being pro-life means agreeing with the basic reality that life is a gift from God, and it is outside human authority to determine when it ends. God has set out clear instructions to individuals and to governments about what He expects us to do in reference to His most precious creation, human life. Any violation of those standards indicates a commitment to self, not life.

Any arguments regarding the legality, morality, or business practices of Planned Parenthood clinics are irrelevant to this issue. Robert Lewis Dear was not pro-life, he was pro-self and pro-violence.

via Police piecing together motive in deadly Colorado shooting | Fox News Video.

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