By Any Other Name???

The list of people still refusing to label the attacks in San Bernardino as Islamic Terrorism is getting shorter by the day. President Barack Obama is chief among that list. His refusal to use those words goes beyond this incident and is typical of his remarks about virtually every attack America and the world has seen in the past seven years.

The President, like everyone else, is free to think as he pleases. He may believe the words he uses in calling terrorism “workplace violence.” Technically, he is correct in this case because this was violence that occurred in the workplace of one of the attackers.

There are important lessons to be learned in this latest terrorist attack on American values and government. For one, a lesson for us as citizens. When you see your neighbors receiving multiple short and repeated visits by people who are different than those who may come to the home regularly, and a sudden flood of packages is delivered, and the couple is gone for days at a time inconsistent with their work or family schedule in the past, SAY SOMETHING. Calling the attention of law enforcement to unusual activity in the neighborhood is not racist. It is prudent. You are not taking action or making accusations. That is up to authorities should they decide to investigate the situation after your call.

The second lesson is for current political aspirants. Take a stand, make your principled positions clear, and apply them consistently. The vast majority of Americans are longing for that clear leadership, and it is a rare and precious commodity these days.

The third and final lesson is for current office holders. If you want to continue opposing the will of the people and the foundational principles of the United States Constitution, please remember that it was President Obama who first popularized the phrase, “elections have consequences.” He is correct, and you must be prepared to bear the political consequences of seeing your party, and your proposals rejected by an increasingly astute and energized electorate.



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