Hurting people are being hustled by political ideologues

The tragic shooting death of twelve year old Tamir Rice by a Cleveland, Ohio police officer has all the signs of a continuing effort by social reconstruction activists to take advantage of grieving families for an extreme political agenda. In addition to the harm being done to the family and friends of the victim, the life of the police officer involved and those who know and love him are being negatively impacted by these same opportunistic charlatans.

Every time a minority member is killed by a white police officer, the rabid response instigators move in to gin up angry protests against the police and anyone who supports them. To be sure, there are cases in which police officers act wrongly, and need to be charged, as in the case of officer Jason Van Dyke in Chicago who was charged with murder almost immediately after the death of Laquan McDonald.

The hustle I am talking about is in robbing victims of a healthy response to grief. Regardless of blame, motive, or circumstances, anytime an individual (or family) faces the death of a loved one, the grieving process begins. Although the response to grief is individual, the basic stages of grief are more or less identifiable.

The initial shock and or denial typical of so many can move fairly quickly in most cases to the pain and guilt stage, which is followed most often by a time of anger and bargaining. By moving in immediately and promoting anger, frustration, and demands (bargaining), racial activists and social anarchists not only short circuit a healthy resolution to the initial denial and pain/guilt phases, but they freeze the victims in the anger stage for weeks, months, or in some cases years.

Grieving people may quickly find it easier to stay angry than to allow the process of depression, reflection, and loneliness to take its natural course. Grieving individuals might tell themselves that “If I can just stay angry, I won’t have to experience the loneliness of this separation, and the reality of the loss will not set in.” By avoiding the loneliness however, the grief victim is delaying the healing of making a turn toward reconstruction and working through the fact of the loss.

While fueling continued anger feeds the attention and funding of activists, it hurts those who are struggling the most with real pain. It is time that qualified professionals and community caregivers start telling attention seeking power hungry jackals to go home and let true healing take its course.

Lawful resolution to criminal activity on any level can take place and should be allowed to proceed unencumbered by violence that exacerbates the problem and takes unfair advantage of hurting families. Civil rights groups can monitor law enforcement responses and the criminal justice system effectively without even one public protest. They create a public outcry and volatile gang responses not because it furthers justice, but because it makes them famous and lines their pockets. They are hurting our country, but they are also hurting those whom they claim to represent the most.

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