Cutting Through the Fog of Battle

Donald Trump says that Ted Cruz is the biggest liar he has ever known. Jeb Bush says that Donald Trump is a bully. Marco Rubio claims to be experienced, while Cruz says that Rubio is a neophyte. John Kasich’s campaign is taking on a Quixotic tone, while Ben Carson just stands there smiling. That is just the Republicans.

The Democrat candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders dance around the ring of socialist agenda like two prize fighters in the first of fifteen rounds. They take a few jabs, but neither wants to expose their own weakness by going for a knockout this early.

The poles are open in South Carolina on this Saturday, February 22, 2016. Tonight, Nevada citizens will caucus. Tomorrow, the deck chairs on the Titanic of America’s political fortunes will again be rearranged according to the results tonight.

This drama plays out in preparation for “super Tuesday” on March first when fourteen states will have primaries or caucuses and then things really get serious. My question is, serious for whom?

Never since the election of 1800 have the stakes been higher, or the positions been more clearly drawn. The progressives (read that as socialists) are in full bloom having been nurtured for the past eight years by the constant attention of an administration bent on “fundamentally transforming America.” The left now believes they have the wind at their back and it is time to drive a stake through the heart of their nemeses, the Constitutional Republic laid out in America’s founding. On the Republican side, Washington insiders roil at the thought that an “outsider” might win the nomination, and disturb their quiet continuance toward a bigger government with unlimited power to control lives in pursuit of continued political power. If that sounds eerily similar to what the Democrats want, there is a reason for that. It is the same course, only at a different pace.

Success of the efforts on both sides depends on just one thing- the ignorance of the electorate. As long as people can be kept in the dark about what is really going on, anything is possible. Just think, with the super delegates safely in hand, Hillary Clinton is assured the nomination of her party, and by July, she will look like Newt Gingrich compared to the truly committed socialist Bernie Sanders. Once the convention coronates her, she will march forth as a moderate against whomever is strong enough to survive the GOP slugfest that may run on right to the convention floor.

What can average people do that stands any chance of influencing this mess? Quite frankly, they can not only influence, but absolutely control the outcome on both sides. The biggest lie in America today is that a powerful few control the political process, and the average person has no say in the matter.

That is what they told Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA-7) when he challenged House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in 2014. Dave had never held elected office, and no Majority Leader had ever lost a party primary. Mr. Brat ran on simple principles that he stated clearly, and despite being ridiculed in the media and by professional pundits, he won the primary, and went on to win the general election. He was outspent in the primary more than ten to one. He was also outspent substantially in the general election, and many of his own party leaders refused to actively campaign for him. When asked how he did it, Representative Brat replied simply, “Dollars don’t vote, people do.”

There is a lot that each of us can do, if we decide to do something more than just sit around and complain. In my next post, I will detail what can be done, and let you decide who wins elections in this country. I am reminded of a statement my daughter often quotes about learning. “If you believe you can’t, no one can help you, but if you believe you can, no one can stop you.” Next post: It made a difference for that one.

One thought on “Cutting Through the Fog of Battle

  1. Love this post! Brilliantly written and absolutely true! Let’s not sit around complaining assuming that nothing can be done to stop this train that’s about to run off its tracks! A must read if you care at all about the outcome of this election and the future path of America! Dollars don’t vote, people do!

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