It Made a Difference for That One

An older man walking along the beach at low tide one morning met a boy walking the opposite direction. As the youngster walked along, he picked up some of the hundreds of starfish stranded by the receding tide and tossed them back into the surf.

As they met each other, the older man said, “Your foolish boy, there are thousands of those things lying for miles down the coast. What you are doing won’t make any difference.”

The boy stopped for a moment, then picked up another starfish and tossed into the water. He look at the man and said, “It made a difference for that one.”

As America is hurled into the midst of yet another media driven talk-a-caust leading up to a presidential election, many citizens feel pressed into a mold of despondency because with so much money, so many speeches, and so much political gamesmanship, what difference could their vote possibly make.

Ask yourself the question, “Do you want things to be different?” If the answer is yes, then you must do something differently. What we have come to believe is hopeless only remains so because too many people believe it.

Here is a simple plan, based on known facts and principles. These methods have been shown to move thousands of people for a great number of causes. There are simple steps we can all take that will absolutely change everything on the political landscape.

Compose your own convictions– Know what you believe and why. Be able to back up factually what you believe. It is not enough to regurgitate what other people have said. You need to be informed enough about the principles at stake to represent your own position plausibly. If you cannot develop a cogent argument in support of your beliefs, you might consider altering your position. If you can doit, you have to take the time to consolidate what you think into statements that can be understood by anyone.

Consider the candidates– Don’t listen to commercials, or media discussions. Investigate, read, and learn what their record is. Know who they are more than what they say. A truly qualified candidate should match what they say to what they do.

Communicate your decision– Tell the candidates where you stand. Send emails, write letters, make calls and show up at rallies if possible. You can’t do it all, but you can do something. Nathan Hale famously said, “I am only one man, I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I must do, and what I must do, by the Grace of God I will do.”

Also tell those around you. It is a fact that each one of us has a circle of influence that reaches at least 3 to 5 people, most likely more than that. These are people who will listen and be influenced by what we say. Find them and tell them what you believe and why it is important. But don’t stop with just telling them, recruit them. Enlist their action to do exactly what you have done. Give them this plan, and tell them to follow the steps.

Five people taking up this plan and recruiting five more to do the same (including repeating the recruitment step) can change any election in less than 90 days.

Run the numbers. How long will it take you to identify and communicate with five people? For many, it is only minutes. For others, perhaps it will take a few days. Let’s say we give it a week.

Five people make a decision today, and by day seven, there are thirty (5 + 25). Over the next 7 days, the process repeats. On day fourteen there are 150. On day twenty one we have 750. On day 28, there are 3,750. If this has been confined to a single voting precinct, in most cases, the outcome of the election in that district has been assured. If the process continues through day 87, the final total is 292,968,750.

Now that would be in a perfect world, and we are certainly not close to that. But what if it only works 20% of the time. That is still over 58 million people. In 2012, there were just over 129 million votes cast for president. A 20% success rate can direct the votes of almost half that number. That makes a difference.

This is not a Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian effort. Any group, representing any position is free to follow these steps. Let an open, honest debate based on personal convictions decide what happens. I know what I am doing. How about you.

Next blog: Honest candidate reviews

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