Election Results

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Polls will soon close in the five states holding primaries. On the GOP side Donald Trump is favored to win the majority of delegates. Later tonight, the media will begin the dirge of inevitability saying that Trump has it locked up, and only a brokered convention can save us. There will be many loud voices decrying the evils of Mr. Trump. I am hearing from staunch conservatives who pledge they will not vote for him, and cannot vote for a democrat. Thus the circular firing squad is assembled, conservatives stay home, and we lose the Supreme Court for a generation, and perhaps the Constitution forever.

Ask yourself, who benefits in that scenario? The only people who succeed in that climate are the entrenched power mongers in DC who continue to prosper no matter who wins elections. Want proof of that? Wages have been stagnant, the economy faltering, and 93 million Americans who want jobs can’t find them. Home prices declined 30% or more in 2008, and have not yet broke even with where they were before the crash. In the face of that, plus mounting federal debt, unending wars, and increasing terrorists threats, one group of people has lived in bountiful times. The nine most prosperous counties in the country all surround Washington, DC. Unemployment in the District is less than 4%, and a home selling in that area now has multiple offers above the list price within 24 hours.

The sad truth is, that reality has not changed in more than thirty years, and will not change in the future as long as we elect people to Congress and the White House who are part of the self-proclaimed ruling class. There is only one hope for doing that in the current election cycle. That chance is Ted Cruz.

Now, is the election over if Trump wins Ohio and Florida? NO! After tonight, there will still be over 1,000 delegates in play in 20 states between April 22 and June. In eleven of those states, Ted Cruz has a better chance of winning than does Donald Trump— IF IT IS A TWO MAN CONTEST. So, best case for Cruz (true conservative) is for Trump to win Ohio and Florida, and split the other three states. Only Cruz will have any chance of still beating Trump. Rubio and Kasich should drop out if they lose their home states.

If this happens, and my predictions on upcoming races materializes, Cruz could get within striking distance of Trump and the nomination by mid-May. At that point, the establishment will again turn their guns on Cruz. Remember, the GOP ruling class attacked Cruz long before they did Trump. The nightmare they face now is only two candidates have any chance of winning nomination on first ballot. They hate both of them so their only recourse is a brokered convention where they hope to insert their favorite moderate candidate. If they were to do that, there will be a mass walk-out of all Cruz, Trump, and a good number of other delegates and the GOP will have finished their transformation into the Whig Party of 1854-1860. America will have seen the last Republican to ever run for President. A new party will have to rise up to take the lead. Only heaven knows who that will be or what they will stand for.

Tomorrow: How a conservative nominee can still win.

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