How a true conservative can win in 2016

Most Americans believe they are taxed too much

Most believe government spending is way too high

A large majority of Americans believe the Constitution should be equally applied and faithfully followed.

In this year especially, anyone who is perceived to be part of the “establishment” ruling class will lose and outsiders are the only ones winning primaries.

The foregoing statements fit Senator Ted Cruz perfectly.

What difference can you make?

On April 22, two states will hold primaries. Arizona (58 delegates-winner take all), and Untah (40 delegates divided proportionally). Start thinking now about who you know or contacts you have in these two states. If you pass this information to everyone you know, and they do the same, I believe we can find 100 people in each state that will commit to support Senator Cruz, and also commit to find 5 more people who they can influence to do the same (including finding 5 in their own circle). If we start with 100 people and continue for 5 levels, even if the process is only 50% effective, enough minds will be changed to hold those two states. Here is how it works.

A Congressional district is about 750,000 citizens. This will normally translate to about 300,000 voting age citizens. Registered voters are less than this number. A very high estimate would be 2/3 of eligible citizens are registered. A high turnout is 60% of registered voters. Let’s give them better than that and say 80%. Now, with a 55/45 Democrat/GOP split (again a close estimate) that means that a Republican primary will average 72,000 voters ( a high estimate- 300,000 X .66 X .80 X .45).

Now look at the plan. 100 peple contact 5 each = 500. These repeat the process = 2,500. If these repeat = 12,500. In just three levels, enough people have been contacted and hopefully influenced to make a difference (more than 10% of votes cast). Now no system is perfect, but even with wide variance the possibility to change outcomes in a state party primary are well within reach.

So, here is what you do. TODAY Contact people you know in Arizona and Utah. If you want, work ahead to 4/05 and Wisconsin (42 delegates, winner take all). If you don’t personally know anyone in these states, find someone you know (within your circle of influence (5 to 7 people) who does.

The coming months are not about what others might do or have done. This is about what you are going to do. If you want things to be different, you have to do something differently.

More to follow as time passes. I really hope to hear from many of you about what you were able to get done. All results will be shared for encouragement of everyone.

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