Evangelical Support for Donald Trump

Geoffrey Layman in the Washington Post offers some revealing information about the so-called evangelical support for Donald Trump. The study cited by Layman shows that the more faithful one is to church, the less likely they are to support Trump. What this says is that while a large segment of Trump supporters call themselves evangelicals, they are not primarily those whose faith drives their decisions. The evangelical Trump supporters appear to be more concerned with economic and national security issues than they do moral and social issues. While national security ought to be the primary concern of every American, it is interesting that the study also demonstrates that those who attend church more regularly are also more tolerant then their less faithful counterparts toward ethnic and racial distinctions. This will come as a surprise only to those who have bought into the media driven line that in order to be “Christian” one must accept every moral (or immoral) thought perpetrated among us.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the study is that those who attend church more often tend to have higher education and higher incomes. So much for the ignorant bumpkin image that permeates media and political elitist circles. Those who are all in for the Trump Train will not like this, but the correlation between lower income/education, coupled with lower commitment to spiritual values as it relates to the likelihood of Trump support says a lot.

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