To All Who Fear Donald Trump

In 2008 and ever since then, many honest and respectable people have expressed their strong disagreement with the policies of President Obama and those who are enacting his political agenda. Not one time have we seen rash uncontrollable mobs of conservatives rioting in the streets. On the occasions that conservative protests have occurred, they have been by permit of local authorities and expressive of political disagreement. The protest sites have been left clean and undamaged. Traffic was not disrupted, lives and property were not threatened.

For those who say they are fearful of Donald Trump and what he will bring to America, may I first of all ask that you examine the actions, character, and motivations of those who are supporting the kind of change he has proposed. Even if I disagreed with conservative approaches to governance I would have to ask myself why it is that when conservatives have lost elections (which has happened often over the past 30 years) there has been NO violence, NO threatening, and NO property destruction. Conversely, when globalist progressive causes have been exposed and rejected by the electoral process, organized mobs of paid protesters have generated anger, fomented insurrection, and destroyed life and property in the very communities they claim have been disenfranchised by a lawful election.

I have heard several people wail loudly about their fear to live in America. I know what that feels like. I have been very afraid of what our country was becoming for eight long years. I have seen an organized war on the Christian faith around the world. I have seen our government not only ignore the threat but support anarchists who call for the complete destruction of American government. I have learned however that fear is powerful but not productive.

Actions in response to fear are emotional rather than thoughtful. They tend to be rapid, extreme, and destructive. Any change brought about in response to fear is generally negative and short lived. Millions of people across this great land have decided to respond thoughtfully rather than fearfully. Donald Trump is not the radical wild man creature portrayed by an instantly available but completely unedited internet. Those who have taken time to know him understand that almost everything the media has portrayed about him is completely antithetical to who the man really is.

He has said some things that sound out of touch with accepted political scruples. That is because he is not a politician. This election was not about elevating a man to rule over a weak and mindless nation of automatons. This election was about millions of people deciding that we needed someone who was not part of the political class, not a media created empty suit, and not a product of a Godless educational system bent on destroying this nation as founded.

Donald Trump is not our hero, he is our elected leader to bring about the changes we as a nation have decided need to be made. There will be no death camps. There will be no mass round ups of illegals. There will be no persecution of thought or conscience. All of those things have been done in history, but they have never been done by a nation like ours. We are a nation of laws, not of men. The results of this election had absolutely nothing to do with racism as Van Jones has ignorantly claimed. This was not a rejection of personality, but of philosophy.

When Barack Obama was elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012, we were told to allow him time and see what his policies would accomplish. We now have that evidence in hand. We have millions of people (including me) forced to work at part time jobs because employers have turned to that rather than full time positions that mandate inclusion of untenable health care plans at confiscatory rates even if an employee does not need them.

We now have more than fifty eight million people on food stamps, more people in poverty, and the lowest job participation rate in our history. Real family income is lower today than it was nineteen years ago. This President has accumulated more debt for this nation than all forty three of his predecessors combined. Economic growth has remained stagnant, industrial production has all but disappeared, and morality is now ridiculed rather than rewarded.

I submit that the fact that Hillary Clinton boldly asserted her intentions to continue the direction of the country established by Barack Obama represents the reason she lost the election. The vast majority of Americans do not want to live a nation governed by globalism. We reject the idea that wealth is evil and achievement is selfish. We have decided that the course of this nation needs to change, and I can tell you this without fear of contradiction; if Donald Trump and the Republican Congress do not live up to their promise to bring about positive results for ALL Americans, we will reject them as we have Hillary Clinton.

I want to say a word to members of the educational community especially, since I and others in my family have and are working in that profession. As educators, we tell our students constantly to carefully check their sources on reports and projects they present. I would ask educators who “fear” living in America under a duly elected President promising positive change, just where do you get the information on which your abject terror is based? Look carefully at the source of your fear. Do not believe that everything you read on the Internet is true. Over the past year, I have rejected, debunked, and criticized hundreds of postings, articles, and reports claiming things about Hillary, Obama, and other Democrats. I did so because I found that although they report to be from legitimate news sources, they are not. They may use a picture or title from a legitimate source but they are posted mainly by liberal instigators who want conservatives to use them, making an easy target for discrediting the conservative movement.

These are exactly the same people now conjuring up fear of tyrannical rule by a despotic monster. The things they claim Trump wants to do, even if they “quote” him, are simply not true. Even if a small percentage of the claims had any basis in fact, our laws, our Congress, and our court system would be used immediately to stop it.

Use your head people. Give this new approach to government a chance. If it does not produce positive results there will be another election in four years. If it gets as bad as your “sources” are claiming it will, I will even be there on your side.

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