Sovereignty of the Individual

If each person is individually sovereign as many people today claim, they need to understand that this position is the definition of anarchy. If each person is free to do what they individually want to do, there is no higher authority than that one person. There can be no government, no police force, no military, and no welfare state.

The complete failure of American government education to fully instruct generations of children in the basic facts of our Constitution has now given us institutions of higher learning permeated with perversity. Anarchy by its very nature can never produce order, peace, or safety. The ignorant rioters in our streets protesting the recent election are unaware that if they had their way, they might change the outcome of an election, but they would not have anyone to call when some other individual decided he wanted their car, their house, or there body for himself. There would be no police force. If some other nation decided they wanted our country, there would be no military to stop them and protect the right to protest that these neophyte collegians cherish.

Furthermore, the loans, grants, and scholarships that fund their romper room education would all have to go away, because every individual would have to be equally funded or not funded at all. All of the programs to help the poor would be gone, as would the billions spent on environmental cleanup and foreign aid. If they wanted paved streets, each citizen would have to pave the streets bordering their property. There would be no Interstate highway system, so once you left your property, you would be on your own or perhaps be charged tolls every time you wanted to cross the property of someone else who exercised his right to charge you because he wanted to.

While the illustrations above are stark, they are also necessarily true in an individual sovereignty environment. Anarchy is not a condition that very many people wish to promote. The vast majority of upright walking beings understand that we need government. We need order. Individual rights can only be protected by an organized and efficient government that the collective population has freely agreed to allow to administer order while protecting individual freedom.

So then, perhaps we should create that kind of government. Perhaps we should say that we all have individual rights, and that government is created to protect those rights and establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty. Yes, that is what we need in a government, let’s make one like that.

Oh Look!!!! We already have.

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