Veracitiphobic Media Swallows another Camel

Frequent readers know my penchant for great words, even if I have to make them up myself. Veracity = Truth, phobos = fear of. I will leave you to figure out the camel metaphor.

The New York Times, Washington Post, and much of the mainstream of broadcast media appear to be doing a full court press with the story of the week, that Russia hacked our election process to help Donald Trump get elected.

The reports are substantiated by unnamed sources, and the vaguest of references to inconclusive reports from the CIA and other intelligence agencies. My ongoing skepticism of media credibility is duly reinforced by the fact that nothing approaching credible evidence exists to any of the claims being made. While this is not unexpected, the remarks by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest yesterday reach a whole new level of attempted political tyranny disguised as credible information.

Mr. Earnest attempted to lend credence to a story that is already more unstable that a three legged dog walking up to a fire hydrant by reminding the assembled pseudo-journalists of the press that it was Donald Trump himself who bragged about inviting the Russians to hack American government computers.

Donald Trump made an obviously sarcastic remark long ago when Hillary could not find her emails, and “did not recall” much beyond her name when testifying before Congress and the FBI. Trump remarked that since there had been talk about Russian hacking all the way back to 2013 (which President Obama chose to ignore) that perhaps they could help find the lost emails. Good line, well delivered, and understood as sarcasm by all who heard it. That is until the line could be dredged up to show that the supposed Russian hacking of an American election was done at the behest of the Republican candidate.

Actually the “Russians are coming” story is only the latest effort to blame someone for Hillary Clinton’s cataclysmic electoral loss. The first story was that the FBI Director caused her loss by the letter he sent to Congress. When that did not get the desired traction, the blame was placed on the Bengazi Committee. Then it was all the unbalanced and hateful reporting from Fox News, and talk radio.

Now, it is the Russians under the direction of Donald Trump. Even if one buys the story that someone in Russia was the source of the hacked email account of John Podesta, the information in those emails has been substantiated as true in every case. The DNC chairwoman did work to undermine the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Mr. Podesta and others did discuss all the trouble Hillary was causing with her home brew server. Donna Brazile did pass questions to Hillary before a town hall primary debate. The Clinton Foundation was inextricably linked  to the Clinton campaign and favors from the US State Department. Not even the Democrats have denied any of these revelations.

Beyond the alleged hacked emails, we are supposed to believe that Russian operatives hacked simultaneously into thousands of off line voting machines in just the right states to collect enough electoral votes to hand the election to Donald Trump. This in spite of the fact that no one in those states is complaining that the votes did not reflect how they voted. All of the attempted recounts supposedly rising from this “scandal” have either been thrown out by courts due to lack of evidence or lack of legal standing, and the one recount that did go forward resulted in even more votes for Trump than before.

At some point, there needs to be a realization by what is left of professional journalism in this country that the election was not hacked, Hillary really lost on her own merit, and the American people are so sick and tired of politics as usual that they voted in record numbers to elect a man who ran against both Parties and the media to reclaim this country for hard working patriotic citizens.

But if one wants smear the Presidency of the first non-politician elected in modern times, I suppose even a poor excuse is better than none at all. Perhaps a paraphrase of comedian Jeff Foxworthy would be appropriate. “If you can look at clear evidence and see the exact opposite of what that evidence shows, you might be a New York Times journalist.”

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