President Obama sends New Year’s tweets about his legacy | Fox News Video

After viewing this video discussion of President Obama’s attempt to secure his version of his legacy, I can almost hear Rod Sterling saying, “The President is confident that everything will continue just as it has for the past eight years, but what he does not know is that by his reality can only exist in “The Twilight Zone.”

In a matter of a few minutes, his defender in this debate claims that the American economy has been growing “at record rates for eight years.” I may be getting older, but I can still remember Obama campaigning vigorously against a “stagnant Bush growth rate of 3%.” I know liars can figure, but figures still don’t lie. Government figures still show a growth rate at 2.5% or less for ALL of the past eight years. That is less growth that we saw during the worst of the Great Depression.

The current President will have a legacy, they all do. I cannot conceive in my wildest dreams that the legacy of Barack Obama will be anything like what he imagines it will be. Not unless Donald Trump really does stand at the inaugural podium and unzip is human skin to reveal an alien lizard as Democrats are hoping. As for me, I choose to remain consciously in a world where gravity still works, and light still dispels darkness; rather than join Mr. Obama, in …. The Twilight Zone.

via President Obama sends New Year’s tweets about his legacy | Fox News Video

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