Why We Use Electoral College, Not Popular Vote

After just commending The Heritage Foundation in a previous post, I must now take exception to this article. While I agree with the basic tenet of maintaining the Electoral College, and in fairness to the author (Jarett Stepman), he does mention the root of the EC’s origin; a much stronger case can be made for keeping the Constitution intact in the matter of Presidential election.

Article Two, Section one of the Constitution makes it clear that the selection of the President is to be made by “each state.” Simply put, the people do not elect the President, the states do. The fact that all the states have chosen to  instruct their electors on the basis of a popular vote of each state’s citizens only enhances the consistency and stability of the process.

The current furor over the popular vote may be used to generate emotional support for a losing candidate, but the national vote is quite frankly irrelevant to the process of Presidential election. America does not have a national election for President. We have fifty states simultaneously voting to instruct a given number of electors as to how they shall cast their votes on behalf of that state. The closest parallel to the Electoral system in this country is the process of approving a Constitutional Amendment. Each of the states could vote on whether or not to approve the amendment. If thirty seven states register their approval, the amendment passes. The total number of national votes for or against the amendment is not even registered, because it is the states that make the choice, not individual citizens. The same is true of Presidential Elections.

via Why We Use Electoral College, Not Popular Vote

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