Do You Dare to Expect an Answer?

I believe there will be a lot of changes in the days ahead, as well as increased challenges for America’s leaders. This world is not a safe place for a lot of people, but the worst of America is still a lot better than the best of much of the rest of the world.

As our new President and his team take the reins of government, it is imperative that the people of God uphold them in prayer. They will need both wisdom and courage to navigate the challenges ahead. In Donald Trump, we have a President who has promoted changes to the way things are usually done in Washington, and was elected by millions of people who agree with the need for those changes. Positive change to entrenched political machinery is not easily accomplished, and leaders who are resolute in their commitment to the American Constitution, and sensitive to a diverse society will be attacked by political opportunists from all sides. This is why we must be together in our prayers, even if we differ on matters of public policy, and party affiliation.

There are many areas on which we all agree, and on those things we can fervently pray for God’s will to be done. On things about which we differ, we can promote honest debate, and open minds to search for truth. Our nation was founded, and has thrived on solid shared principles among people who did not agree on many things. Unity of principle does not demand unanimity of thought. While we pray FOR a clear revelation of wisdom’s path, we must also pray AGAINST Satan’s attempts to divide us on mere differences of approach to that path. While I believe the future offers great opportunity for the advancement of liberty, I also know that freedom’s enemies wish to extinguish liberty’s lamp, and weaken freedom’s song.

I hope that many of God’s people across this land will join this effort to ask for a Divine intervention in America’s future. To ask that righteousness be exalted, and bitterness be rejected. To seek reconciliation among all our people rather than hatred fueled isolation. To knock on the doors of heaven ceaselessly to implore God to be exalted and glorified on earth even as He is in heaven.

Our Lord Jesus did not teach us to pray for our will to be done in heaven as it is on earth, but rather than God’s will be done on earth, even as it is in heaven. There, His glory is unrestricted and His will is obeyed without question or hesitation. The Bible makes it clear that it is God’s will that all His people be unified in our worship and our devotion to sharing the gospel with the whole world. We also know that God is not glorified by selfishness, greed, power mongering, or deceit. If we are to see His will done here, we must all reject human tendencies to allow those things to direct the affairs of government as well as our associations with one another.

Let us all pray together that the days ahead will bring glory to God and peace to men of good will. This is why Jesus came, and this is why He left us here to wait for His return. It is high time that the Body of Christ was again moved to do the Father’s business.

via US Pray 100

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