The Spirit of Liberty

Liberty is not the right to do as I please, but the opportunity to do what is right. The basis of a capitalist system is that all individuals will act in their own self-interests.  Today, this is viewed as repugnant by the left because they view capitalism as inherently evil and selfish. The success of the argument by the left that capitalism is evil depends on the premise that socialism is good. The fallacy of that argument is that no economic system is intrinsically moral, but only made so by those who exercise its principles. There are good and bad people in all systems. No system will have morally just results unless those leading it are morally upright. The moral basis of modern socialism is Marxism, which is demonstrably immoral in every application throughout history. American capitalism has corrected prurient excesses because of an underlying moral code that demands respect and honesty in business practices. While that does not mean that all capitalists are saints, it does create an upwardly moral society. It is that underlying morality that is woven into the fabric of our Constitution, and the soul of our nation. If progressive statists are successful in stripping the Judaeo-Christian ethic form our society, the consequence will be either amoral capitalism, or immoral socialism. Both alternatives are completely destructive to individual liberty.

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