What is our Constitution?

It is not a document of unanimity. There were serious disagreements among the framers that were never resolved. It is also not a comprehensive detailed plan of government as are most Constitutional documents. Only the bare essentials of government framework are included. In fact, the US Constitution remains the shortest governing document in the world. As such, it is also the longest continually active governing document.

Former President Barack Obama complained that the Constitution was a set of “negative liberties” that constrain government. That idea is the heart of progressive ideology and has been around since the Constitutional Convention of 1787. There were plenty of proposals to have a much stronger centralized form of government. In fact, one of the first ideas was by Alexander Hamilton, who offered that the President by appointed by Congress for life, and that Congress should have absolute veto power of all state laws. That idea was of course seen as the same kind of tyrannical monarchy the nation had just shed its blood to escape.

There were also members of the Convention who were steadfastly opposed to the document as submitted to the states because they feared it left too much room for expansion of power over the states  by a zealous national government. Only the promise of a Bill of Rights enacted by the first Congress seated under the new Constitution garnered enough support to achieve ratification.

The Constitution we have is unique in its assertion that the people control the government rather than all other nations whose documents assert the opposite. Although our Constitution has provided for the greatest achievement of prosperity and the most stringent protection of individual liberty the world has ever seen, many of the fears of men like James Otis and Luther Martin (who did not support ratification) have come to pass.

Whether America will be able to achieve a return to the principles that have been trampled by career politicians in pursuit of their own power remains to be seen. This nation needs ordinary people to stand firmly for what we were given so long ago, and demand that Washington forsake its selfish ambitions are return this government of the people, to the people. If they won’t, then the people can and must remove them from office.

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