Equality is our Job

The American founders were clear about many things but nothing is more clearly stated in our founding documents than the fact that we are equal in our created human identity. The God who made us equal is also the God who made us free. This means that while equality before God is unquestioned, equality before the law and before one another is only guaranteed as far as we are willing to work for it. Anyone who believes their created self is better than that of another is disobedient to their Creator and a discredit to America. Our nation has not always lived up to our Divine proclamation, and we still struggle with it daily. Each of us can decide daily however to exhibit equality of respect and dignity to all we meet. The events in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017 failed that test miserably on all sides. It is up to all of us today and every day to make sure we do things differently.

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