Electoral College is not outdated

Hillary Clinton chimed in again with Andersen Cooper on CNN, saying that it is time to abolish the “arcane” system known as the electoral college. The question for today class is this. Why does Hillary want to abolish the electoral college? Is it:

A. She still believes she can undo last year’s results and  become President

B. She thinks the Electoral College is a political university in Minnesota

C. She knows what the system is, and how it works but just really hates the idea the our Constitution saved the country from her.

D. When she said abolish the arcane system, she was thinking about her wardrobe.

The correct answer is A AND C. But I really can’t rule out D. I could even give a little thought to B.

The United States of America does not have ANY nationally elected political leaders. Despite their strong disagreements, and perhaps because of them, the American founders simply did not want a nationally elected leader. The Presidential election is not a national election, no matter how many times it is portrayed as such by the all knowing, but never learning media businesses. The President of the United States, is elected by the States, not by the people.  Each state holds an election. The candidate who wins in that state, gets their proportional electoral votes. It is proportional so that densely populated areas with far different views that much of the rest of the country, won’t end up controlling the election by carrying their state. This tends to equalize the influence of larger states with big cities as compared to smaller more rural states. The few times the electoral college has had different results than the national popular vote total, it has protected us from candidates that are outside the mainstream of American Consitutional thought. That is the way it is supposed to work.

The journalists (forgive the use of that term here) breathing air into the idea of a national election by publicizing comments like those of Mrs. Clinton, have no idea how the Constitution works.

I would love to give a Constitutional quiz to national journalists and see just how much they do not know. Here is an idea. Lets make entry into the White House Press Corps contingent on passing a test on American History. While we are at it, why not make it a prerequisite for running for Congress? I know Congress would never approve it, but just imagine, that on the first day of Congress next year, the test is given, and anyone who cannot pass the test cannot run for reelection. All new candidates also have to pass the same test. This might be the fastest way to drain the swamp.


via Hillary Clinton: Time to abolish the Electoral College – CNNPolitics

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