Words still matter (to me anyway)

Does anyone besides me care that virtually everyone on all sides of the ongoing debate continues to allow the left to define the debate by using the term “healthcare” rather than “health insurance” when debating Obamacare’s death spiral? Obamacare, Trumpcare, I-don’t-care, whatever is being proposed by anyone out there, is not talking about heath CARE, but healthcare COVERAGE. There is a difference. Anyone in this nation who is seriously ill or injured can walk into any emergency room or other medical facility and received life saving treatment, period. If you have insurance, great. If you don’t, they are required to treat you. Beyond that, the provisions of Obamacare never even pretended to mandate that healthcare be provided. It only requires that insurance to cover care be purchased. The ACA does mandate that many services be “covered” whether or not the purchaser needs or want them, and that some services NOT be “covered” even if the purchaser wants them. Deductables have to be met before anything is “covered.”

Here’s the bottom line folks. America has the absolute BEST HEALTHCARE system in the world. No hospitals or doctors anywhere on the planet even come close to what we have available here. The so-called “crisis” is not about Care, but about coverage for care.

I am preparing a piece to be released soon that details exactly WHY healthcare COVERAGE became a problem, and who caused it. Stay tuned and be prepared to be shocked.


via Trump to halt ‘massive’ ObamaCare subsidies, legal fight likely | Fox News

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