Words that matter

The founders were consumed with the idea of liberty. They wrote about it, they lived by it, they even went to war because of it. But the ideas being promoted today under the banner of liberty are about as far from their idea of liberty as New York if from New Deli.

To the founders, liberty represented the freedom to do what is right as defined by the accepted societal moral code. That moral code was based on Biblical truth. No one of that generation would have imagined that liberty would have been used to excuse drug use, promiscuity, and violence.

That generation wanted the government to stay out of their lives as much as possible. They were especially fearful of government control of religious practice. These were not agnostics seeking to avoid faith. They were Christians wanting to have freedom to act out their faith. Those today who promote a godless government as the intent of the founders are advocating a philosophy that is historically inaccurate, Constitutionally ignorant, and Biblically disobedient.

As for the idea that liberty means the right to do as I please being promoted by many today, the founding generation had a word for that philosophy. They called it lasciviousness. That word means unrestrained fulfillment, especially of a sexual nature. Does that sound like some of the fallen stars of Hollywood, media, and politics today? I say, write that word down and use is regularly. Sometimes old discarded words are the best ones to use.

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