Observation or Manipulation of Observed Data??

I am not a scientist. I studied just enough science to get through high school and college, but did not major or choose electives in any scientific discipline for one very obvious reason. All science requires copious note taking and what I consider to be extreme mathematic calculations. Both of these activities run cross purpose to my artistic temperament, and are therefore avoided as much as possible.

That being said, I do have the greatest of respect for those who can and do follow the exacting requirements of scientific study and experimentation. I know enough to appreciate the accuracy that the scientific method produces. The object of application of scientific methodology is to produce measurable, observable results that can be duplicated.

There is a set procedure for experiments in order to assure consistency of results. A hypothesis is developed from observed data. That hypothesis is then tested in a controlled experiment. The results of the experiment will either confirm or refute the hypothesis.

Let me give my readers time to wake up after than science lecture…. Now the point is, that if we wish to evaluate the effect of main stream media coverage of President Trump and how the public is responding to it, we need to apply the scientific method and observe the experiment being carried out.

MSM (Main Stream Media) Hypothesis: Donald Trump is the most dangerous threat to American liberty that has ever existed. He has no moral compass, and if left in office will most assuredly destroy the Republic and the Constitution within his first term.

Observed Data: President Trump entered office on January 20, 2017 despite the best efforts of MSM, Progressive Socialist Attacks, and Opposition by both Democrats and Republicans. All reporting on the election results focused on the constitutionally irrelevant popular vote, and the Democrat nominee and her minions belched out a litany of reasons why the results of the election could not be allowed to stand. This produced a day one approval rating for President Trump (as measured by a well selected democrat leaning polling sample) of 37%

Hypothesis: Continued overwhelming negative coverage and reports by MSM will have an adverse effect on Presidential approval ratings and open the door to a resignation or impeachment within first year of Trump Presidency. At a minimum, President Trump will be prevented from implementing any of his promises or governing effectively.

Experiment Criteria: News coverage by MSM in the first year of the Trump administration was at least 90% negative. That percentage was increased to 91% after the first year.

Results of Experiment: Trump approval has risen on all major issues steadily and now stands near or above 50% in all categories, and among all demographic groups except for registered Democrats, where the approval lags everyone else at 40%. Additionally, the following legislative and policy initiatives have seen success:

Increased border security including beginning construction of the border wall

The largest tax reduction ever for the American people providing more money in the pockets of almost all citizens.

Cancellation of Obama era Executive orders limiting public use and resource development on millions of acres of publicly owned land.

Roll back of thousands of regulations from overbearing non-elected bureaucratic agencies.

Stopping North Korean nuclear threats and bringing that rogue regime to the negotiating table with South Korea in pursuit of an end to the Korean War. Eight presidential administrations have declared this to be impossible. Trump has accomplished this in his first term.

Stopping the spread of terrorism in the Middle East by defeating ISIS in Iraq, Syria, and soon in Iran.

Pulling out of the Paris Climate accord

Pulling out of the Iran Nuclear deal.

Creating the most new manufacturing jobs in America in over 30 years.

Reducing unemployment, especially among minorities. Black and Hispanic unemployment now stand at their lowest rate ever measured.

Recovery in the stock market

Increased productively among American based businesses

Highest positive business outlook in past three decades as measured by both consumer and producer confidence.


Conclusion: By all measurable results, the hypothesis is denied, and must not be followed by anyone possessing an IQ above the average house plant.

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