Facts should not be overlooked

“Nightly News” has now lost the total viewer crown to ABC for 16 straight weeks and 32 of the 36 weeks of the current season. During the week of May 28, “World News Tonight” averaged 8.2 million viewers compared to 7.6 million for NBC’s struggling newscast. Among the key demo, ABC narrowly prevailed by averaging 1.66 million demo viewers compared to 1.64 million for Holt’s newscast. (Brian Flood- Fox News-6/05/18)

Within this article discussing the death spiral of NBC News, I notice an astounding statistic implied if not actually stated. The total viewers of NBC and ABC for evening news is 15.8 million. CBS obviously is in third since these are stated as one and two. Even if CBS is close to second, their audience for the target hour is likely no more than 7 million, probably less. That all totals to a maximum viewership of 22.8 million. Does anyone besides me notice that this is less than 10% of the US popultion? All three of the media behemoths combined are reaching less than one in ten Americans in what was once the most important news hour of the day. So tell me again why we are supposed to cower to their mighty influence? It is time someone yelled out, “The emperor has no clothes!”

2 thoughts on “Facts should not be overlooked

  1. It is very encouraging to learn that millions of Americans no longer watch the network news. They have brought this disdain on themselves. We quit watching years ago because we didn’t want to be exposed to the fake news. We finally decided we would no longer watch CBS,NBC, and ABC because their reporting was unbearable and discouraging. I pray viewership continues to drop until the networks are no longer able to pay these exorbitant salaries, and the news anchors and reporters will ride off into the sunset. Some very powerful news anchors were brought down this year because of claims of sexual abuse . Hopefully, they’re learning that a good name is more valuable than silver and gold.


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