Yield to the majority- It is the right thing to do in a Democracy

May I propose a simple solution to much of the rancor and downright despicable behavior of political professionals currently degrading America and embarrassing all of the really decent citizens of this great nation? Let us find out what the true majority of Americans believe, and govern accordingly.

I submit that the majority of Americans does not agree with the positions taken by the major broadcast news outlets. In June, ratings showed that the top three broadcast networks garnered a whopping ten percent of the American population for the prime evening news hour (see my post on this site for June 5 for details).

The majority also is not represented by Congressional election results. After decades of district manipulation by both major parties, these districts more closely resemble party enclaves than they do communities of citizens. Also, about half the people who are eligible to vote actually do, and many registered voters stay home on election day. This does not bode well for revealing American opinion honestly.

The groups of loud, demanding, and many times violent protesters also do not represent a huge part of society, but a collection of often concurrent malcontent groups, many of whom are actually paid to protest. At the Republican National Convention in 2016, we were promised that all the groups would assemble there. Threats of shutting down the convention with hoards of screaming  radicals were made, and many people prepared for the worst. When the convention started, all the groups were there. They each had there little tents, and picket lines with the signs and slogans. The only thing was, the largest of the groups were only a few dozen people. Why was that? Simple. Since all the groups were at the same place at the same time, they could not all be at every protest to look like a larger group. The actual fact is that the radical fringe protesters represent a very small percentage of the population.

Don’t look to big money donors for an honest view of America. Even with the billions of George Soros, his giving to political campaigns has not bought off one national election. That is because as my friend Congressman Dave Brat taught us in 2014, “dollars don’t vote, people do.”

So where do we go to get the truth? First ask yourself. What do you believe in? What do you want to see from government? How much do you actually know about how American Government should work? Once you answer these questions for yourself, ask your neighbor, a coworker, or a friend. Once you have personally compiled a few dozen responses, you will have a much better idea of what American thinks that all the talking heads of all the news media in the nation. After that, demand that this small minority of self absorbed, ruling class, public servants govern according to the will of the citizens or be fired at the next election.

When I used to speak to groups around Virginia on behalf of a conservative non profit group, I was often asked how many people have to contact a legislator to get them to govern differently. My answer was always the same. “One more than the margin in their last election.” Numbers matter. Find out, speak out, and then get out and vote.

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