A Plea for Liberal Principles

The idea that all are equal before the law is called isonomy. The principle that all should be subject to the same laws is called due process. The American system of justice is founded upon those ideas. Many Americans may be completely unaware that these principles are hallmarks of classical liberalism. In fact, our founders for the most part considered themselves to be liberal. They wanted what they called an egalitarian society where every citizen would be treated equally in the eyes of the law. The idea that an individual or a group of individuals are either privileged to be above the law, or discriminated against under the law is antithetical to all that this nation is founded upon.

In the ongoing political circus that pretends to be US Senate consideration for a nominee to the Supreme Court, there is little to remind us of American justice. The accusations made by Dr. Ford against Judge Kavanaugh are serious and deserve due consideration. That is why Senator Feinstein should have leveled the charges during the hearing process. She had the same information then that she had last week when she revealed the letter to the media. Still, no one seems to want to hold her accountable for that beach of due process. Likewise, now the accuser wants to testify before the Senate Judiciary committee after the nominee. Sorry madam, but that is not how due process works. If an accusation of wrong doing is made, the charge must be heard first and then the defendant can answer the charge. That is called the right to face your accuser.

The leadership of the Democrat Party along with celebrities, media experts, and a ton of others now demand that the story of Dr. Ford be registered as truth before it is even heard by the governing authority, the Senate Judiciary Committee. As much as I want to have compassion for anyone who believes they have suffered wrong at the hands of another, the legal reality is that there is no charge made until after the accuser stands under oath to render a statement and be examined for it. The position asserted by the accuser’s attorneys and Senate Democrats creates a privileged class above the established order. That is not isonomy.

Likewise, Judge Kavanaugh stands condemned and urged to withdrawn his name from nomination before any charge is officially registered. It is as though the hounds of hell have been unleashed upon a man and his family for a charge he cannot answer because quite frankly it has not been made. Also, he is quite obviously deprived of that cardinal tenant of innocent until proven guilty. That is blatant discrimination before the law, which no one deserves.

So for once, may I make an urgent plea for liberal principles to prevail across this land. Justice, equality, and openness of a hearing for all parties before judgement is rendered by those with no standing before the court in this case.




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