Never Mind that man behind the curtain!

When the truth was revealed to all the weary travelers in The Wizard of Oz, they were shocked to learn that they had believed a false narrative and been led down what they thought was a yellow brick road, but turned out to be a path of deception. Actually though that tale gives us a lot to think about in relation to the current political monstrosity being perpetrated upon us disguised as a Senate confirmation hearing.

The only character that went into the search for Oz that did not have their own private agenda was the dog Toto. Each of the others offered some assistance along the way, but what when it looked like they had been fooled, each one cried out for their own desires and agenda. “What about me?” “How will I get what I want out of this situation?” In the end, it was the little dog without an agenda that unveiled the deception and confronted the “Wizard” with the ugly truth he had worked so hard to hide.

As we watched yesterday as Democrats tried desperately to trap Judge Kavanaugh and feign concern for the poor victim Dr. Ford, they all had their agenda clearly revealed. Likewise, Republicans refused to confront truth with Ford, and pretended to care about Kavanaugh, but they too have an agenda. Both sides want power and are willing to do anything to get it.

Today, Democrats bewail the lack of investigation after the hearing to “find the truth.” The fact is, that there was an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh. When that investigation was performed, the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee already had Dr. Ford’s letter detailing her accusations against the nominee. Senator Feinstein could have shared that information with the chairman and it would have been included in the background check the FBI did. The committee has a process to probe allegations against a nominee privately before the public hearings ever start. The Democrats could have and should have seen to it that the serious allegations Dr. Ford lodged were fully investigated while they had the chance. They had the charges, but they deliberately hid them until the last minute. They did not care about the harm and humiliation Dr. Ford might suffer, they only wanted an ace in the hole to play at the most politically advantageous time to delay a vote on the nomination until after the mid term elections.

Likewise, Republicans have feigned outrage at Democrat tactics, but in truth, they are just as power hungry as Democrats. Their shouting now rings hollow after they have spent almost two years of deafening silence in response to the ongoing effort of unelected, unaccountable political operatives to covertly overthrow a President and dismantle the American Republic.

It is time We the People made our voice heard louder than ever and told everyone in Congress that they are not important, they are public servants. It is time we stopped allowing the myth that Washington is Hollywood for ugly people to foist unqualified idiots upon us to exercise the power over us that we  are supposed to exercise over them.

This exceptional land of opportunity is stronger that steel when wielded by hands of honor, but hanging by a thread in the hands of liars and thieves. Our founders did not pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for what have witnessed on Capitol Hill this week. Our fathers and our brothers did not leave their homes and shed their blood at Normandy, and Iwo Jima so that Dianne Feinstein and Richard Durban could act high and mighty while they grow rich and shred Constitution.

I pray that good people from all political persuasions will look closely at what is going on and let their elected hired hands know they expect better than this. The call to Congress should be clear and unmistakable. Either govern by the Constitution or go look for another job. McDonald’s can always use a good talker like you to say, “You want fries with that?”

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