About Me

LowRes_5736160640086Phil Whitaker is a teacher and author living in the Richmond, VA area. He is married to the love of his life Linda and they have three grown daughters and five grandchildren.

For twenty three years, Phil was a church pastor in Roanoke, VA and focused much of his time on teaching Biblical truth in real life applications for our time. When Phil was called to Richmond to serve as Director of Outreach for a non-profit group focused on General Assembly lobbying, he continued to apply Biblical principles of relationships and ethics as he traveled across the state over the next two years. Those efforts resulted in the launch of a grass roots effort to organize local citizen groups to effectively communicate with legislators and influence positive outcomes on behalf of Virginia families.

When that opportunity closed, Phil continued to have opportunities to speak and write about the American principles of liberty, and the importance of understanding our history as the foundation of government today.

Phil returned to graduate school and in 2009 he earned a Master of Arts in Teaching degree at Liberty University and obtained state licensure endorsed in both English and History. For over five years, Phil has enjoyed many opportunities in both full time and substitute teaching in both of these areas. Continual interaction with young people and adults emphasizing the importance of effective communication and a truthful examination of American history have served to fuel Phil’s desire to link these two passions together.

The Language of Liberty blog site is the result of that effort. The posts planned here will seek to combine fully focused, semantically specific language to communicate principled discussion of important issues. Your suggestions and comments will always be welcome.

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